Parent Guidance

Parent guidance is a way to help parents help their child. With this method of helping, a counselor sees only the parents and not the child. Since parents spend more time interacting with their child than a counselor would, parents who have been empowered with effective strategies and tools will have much more impact on the behavior of their child.

Parent guidance can be very helpful when the child is:

  • Angry, having tantrums or acting out
  • Defiant or oppositional
  • Having problems with organization and staying on task
  • Because the child is not a part of the process the counselor will complete an assessment of the problem based on the parents’ input. The counselor then will design a plan to address the specific problem. Typically the process includes:
  • Teaching parents more effective parenting strategies
  • Finding ways to set better limits and boundaries
  • Implementing healthy and effective discipline
  • Learning constructive ways to interact with their child
  • Teaching parents effective ways to coach and guide their children through their problems
  • When parents learn effective strategies and tools, both children and parents will benefit resulting in a happier and more peaceful home life.

    Most insurance is accepted and appointments are available days and evenings. Appointments can typically be scheduled within three days.

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