Couples Therapy and
Marriage Counseling

Are you:

  • Feeling dissatisfied in your relationship?
  • Suspecting your spouse of having an affair?
  • Confused about whether you should ‘work it out’ or leave?
  • Tired of having the same old fight over and over again?
  • Experiencing loss of passion, intimacy and sex?
  • If so then couples therapy may be right for you. Call 413-992-7667 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

    Marc Engram, LICSW is a trained couples therapist with over 22 years of experience helping couples work through problems to create better relationships.

    When people are experiencing relationship problems, what really makes the difference to turn things around?

    Fighting Fairly

    Learning how to resolve conflicts fairly is essential to a relationship that is successful and fulfilling. So often people 'fight dirty' in relationships out of habit but then are frustrated and disappointed when they don't get a warm loving response from their partner in return. Learning how to fight fairly is the foundation for building a healthy and vital relationship.

    Effective Relationship Skills

    Most couples lack essential skills to make a relationship work well. I work with couples in the areas of communication, intention, anger management, commitment, and intimacy. These skills are not taught to us in our culture and yet motivated couples can learn these skills. Effective tools are the necessary building blocks in creating a loving and intimate relationship.

    Active and Directive Guidance

    When helping couples I see my role as a relationship guide. I help people to work through roadblocks using powerful communication and relationship tools. I help people see where they are stuck, where intimacy is blocked and when fears are not being acknowledged or expressed. I then take an active and directive approach in coaching people 'through the minefield' in order to experience the intimacy and satisfaction that people want. Approaches that are more passive and reflective are not usually effective.

    Research shows that skill building coupled with active guidance and direction is effective in helping couples create a more loving, intimate and satisfying relationship.

    Call 413-992-7667 for your free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment. Most insurance is accepted and appointments are available days and evenings.

    Research and experience also show that the most effective and longest-lasting results for couples come from couples/marital counseling and/or a Relationship Workshop.
    Click here to find out about workshops for couples.

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    About Couples Therapy/Marriage Counseling

    The unfortunate truth about couples counseling is that many therapists are not actually trained in couples therapy. This lack of training can create problems because many of the skills and techniques used by an individually trained therapist either aren’t very effective or can backfire when used with couples.

    Couples therapy is most effective when the therapist:

  • Directs the therapy in an active way.
  • Identifies patterns of interaction that are unhelpful or destructive.
  • Uses experiential techniques that shift negative dynamics.
  • Coaches couples in how to resolve conflicts fairly.
  • Teaches effective communication strategies.
  • When looking for a couples therapist ask what specific training and experience they have had in couples work. Also, find out what the percentage of clients that they see are for couples counseling. If the therapist only sees a few couples a week, they are doing couples work as a side line. Couples therapist should be seeing a significant percentage of couples in their caseload.

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